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Policy Based Forwarding on Palo Alto Firewalls

A Game-Changer in Network Routing Imagine you’re a conductor in a symphony orchestra, dynamically guiding each musician not just by the score but according to their instrument, role, and tempo. Policy-Based Forwarding (PBF) in network management mirrors this approach, providing a nuanced method for handling network traffic. PBF enables administrators to establish

Virtual Routers in Palo Alto Firewalls

Understanding Virtual Routers in Palo Alto Firewalls In Palo Alto firewalls, virtual routers play a crucial role in network layer management by facilitating efficient route determination and packet forwarding across different subnets. These virtual routers operate by obtaining routes through either static configurations manually defined by network administrators or through dynamic routing

Cisco WLC or AP device certificate expired.

In network administration, mainly when dealing with older Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) and Access Points (APs), an issue that may arise is the sudden disappearance of APs from the WLC’s management interface. This problem can often be traced to matters related to the digital certificates used for secure authentication between the

Cisco AAA TACACS and Password Best Practices

Introduction In this article, we examine a configuration template for deploying AAA TACACS+ for administrator access and general password and remote access settings on Cisco switches and routers. The following configuration has been tested: I had trouble running “password encryption aes” on earlier versions of 15.2, but everything seems to have worked

Experts Advocate for Human-AI Collaboration Over Competition

In a world increasingly integrating generative AI, the focus is shifting towards human-machine collaboration. Experts suggest that the synergy between the two could lead to a more productive future. The potential pitfalls of relying solely on generative AI were highlighted when a lawyer mistakenly cited a non-existent case in a New York

Palo alto Expedition

What is Expedition? The latest evolution of the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool is Expedition, now in its fifth iteration. Originally designed to streamline the process of migrating configurations from various supported vendors to Palo Alto Networks, Expedition has come a long way. The tool simplifies the conversion of configurations from vendors

802.1X – Deploy Machine and User Certificates

Deploy Machine and User Certificates If you want to use EAP-TLS, EAP-FAST or TEAP as your authentication method for 802.1X, then you may need to have the certificates issued to the user or computer (or both for EAP-Chaining) This blog post explains the steps required to successfully deploy the certificates to users and computers

NetDevOps: DevOps applied to networks

For several years now, the DevOps movement has been gaining momentum in software development. And yes, through a paradigm shift, companies developing a DevOps culture are gaining in agility, efficiency, speed, reliability and more.Given all its advantages, the movement is growing. Traditionally, it applies to software, mobile applications and infrastructure. But what